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Description: COINS: Ancient Rome Nonet. Includes: (3) Contastantine the Great (306-337). AE Follis, Camp Gate Reverse nEF 2.38 Grams, 17.4mm. AE Follis, VRBS Roma, Romulus, Remus & She-wolf gEF with green patina 2.37 Grams, 17.7mm. AE posthumous follis (347-348) gF with heavy green patina 1.59 Grams, 12.4mm. (2) Trebonianus Gallus (251-253 AD). AE Sestertius, Libertas standing left. nVF with edge chipping. 11.95 Grams, 27.9mm. AE Sestertius, temple reverse. VF with siginificant edge chipping. 12.97 Grams, 26.2mm. Decentius (350-353 AD) Ae Centenionalis. Two Victories reverse. gVF with active Bronze disease. 4.66 Grams, 20.6mm. Licinius (308-324 AD) Ae Follis, Jupiter left. VF with cleaning. 2.67 Grams, 20.8mm. Maxiumus I Thrax (235-238 AD) Ae Sestertius. Fides left reverse. nVF. 17.23 Grams, 26.9mm. Claudius Gothicus (268-270 AD) Provincial Alexandria Ae Tetradrachm. Nike right. VF. 16.28 Grams, 19.4mm (9) [Disclaimer: Descriptions of these ancient coins are believed to be accurate. However, bidders are expected to make their own evaluations of these items and bid accordingly, there is no guarantee of genuineness or of correct attribution.]

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