Estate Liquidation

Settling an estate, cleaning out a house, appraising and selling valuables...
Can you do it all yourself?
Before you answer, think of whether you should do it all yourself, and whether you want to. Even something as simple as getting the best price for an old armchair can involve some complex decisions. If you're handling an entire estate, the potential problems multiply.
So where do you start?
A good place to start is with our Personal Property Checklist.
You may be surprised at how many issues and concerns there are to consider. You may also be surprised to discover how easy it is to get help. If after reviewing the list below, please feel free to contact us either by U.S. mail, telephone or e-mail.

Personal Property Services
  • Even under ideal conditions, these tasks are difficult and time consuming. So much so, in fact, that some of the details can get lost in the shuffle. Small but important things, like returning cable television boxes or getting tax receipts for donated items, can be overlooked, and under not-so-ideal conditions, emotional stress can take a heavy toll on your ability to remain organized and objective.
  • We can evaluate your personal property; compile an inventory list or appraisal report describing the property and its related value; arrange for shipping of items to our facility for sale at auction; distribute items to family/friends; donate less marketable items to non-profit organizations; advertise saleable items in local and national newspapers, through direct mailings and the Internet; and we can leave the estate "broom clean".

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