A Personal Property Checklist

* Determine The Value Of The Property
Whether the property consists of a single item or an entire household, you need a professional appraisal to find out what it's really worth. A knowledgeable and reputable appraiser can give you the information you need when you're trying to decide how much to keep and how much to sell.
We'll evaluate your property.When we're finished, you'll know what's marketable and what isn't. You'll also know what your household items, as well as any especially valuable pieces, are worth. If we need more information and guidance to make an appraisal, we'll research the piece. Our museum and decorative arts background and training assure you of an expert assessment.
You'll get a detailed report if we perform a written appraisal. The report will list all your items and their individual values. If your items go to auction at our facility, we'll generate another report that provides a complete inventory of the items, as well as a full accounting of all sales.
* Make Arrangements For Moving And Storage
This means finding people you can trust to handle valuable pieces with care, and people you can rely on to arrive when they say they will. You may also need to store valuables in a safe place until they can be sold or distributed.
We'll ship everything that can be sold to our secure facilities. We can also arrange to ship anything that you'd like distributed to family members or friends.
* Donate Or Dispose Of Items That Won't Be Kept Or Sold
You'll need to make arrangement for those things that aren't sold or distributed to family and friends. Do you have the time to sort it all out? Make the donations? Arrange for disposal?
We'll arrange for the distribution of all items. Items that are less valuable or unsaleable will be placed in tag sales, donated to charity (and tax receipts collected for you) or disposed of by the most appropriate means.
* Find Buyers For Items To Be Sold
The problem here is getting the best possible price for whatever you decide to sell. When many, or particularly valuable, items are involved, an auction can be the best solution since it attracts qualified buyers who must compete for desirable items.
We will properly advertise your items. Newspaper ads, press releases and direct mail announcements will reach the right collectors and dealers who can give you the best prices on your saleable pieces.
We'll auction your items, cataloging them and displaying them to their best advantage in our attractive, well-lit auction facilities. You'll be notified of the auction date and invited to attend.
* Leave The House Ready For Realtors And Prospective Buyers
While you're in the process of selling, distributing and disposing of an entire household, you need to pay attention to how the house will appear to prospective buyers. You'll also need to make sure that it's empty and "broom clean" in time for the closing.
We'll clean the house out. Not only will we make arrangements for the transportation of the auction items and family items, we will also dispose of the contents of kitchen cupboards, refrigerators, freezers, etc. We'll leave the house "broom clean" and ready to show to prospective buyers.

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